Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just me

This site is just a place where I'll write about my feelings, my thoughts or whatever. I could write in spanish but my objective is improve my english, because it's not really good. I'm trying. I accept every correction about what I write.

OK, so... Let's go.

My name is San, I'm 20 years old, I'm from Barcelona. And... I start running when I feel I can't deal with things anymore. I love noons of smiles and chocolate with churros. I hate to talk about the weather when people don't know what to say. I'm a really fan of vampires.



Aria said...

I'm Aria, tought that's not my real name of course. I'm from a little town and I tend to go all emo and grumpy when I got so much stuff in my head, i'm working on that BTW haha About what i love...? I love little things that seem bigger to the one who's looking (plus lots of things)

Not much to say, you already know me! :D Best wishes with the new blog! ^.^

San said...

Thanks Aria :P I'll see you tomorrow!

Leela said...

My name is Leela, although this is not my real name. Leela is the nickname I use to write in my blog.
I'm from Madrid and my English is not too good. I like walking down the street without an umbrella on rainy days and Tumaca bread for breakfast. I'm clueless, but my forgetfulness often used to steal someone smile. I like getting lost in my thoughts and let my imagination fly.